This is the my partner and I's first Ludum Dare submission. The theme was "The more you have the worse it is". We decided to go with a unicorn combat game where eating foods makes your toots worse. 

We didn’t have time to throw in AI but it has keyboard bindings for 2 players as well as supports 2 gamepads. This as a tough challenge getting everything done on time but it was a blast. I look forward to doing this next year as well.

For best results run at 1920x1080. Press space bar or Enter to continue dialogue.

Buttons are as follows.

Player 1 controls.

  • A and D for left and right.
  • W for jump.
  • Left CTRL or Mouse 1 for Fart.
  • Left Alt or Mouse 2 for Fart Jetpack.
  • Left Shift to CropDust.

Player 2 controls.

  • Left and Right Arrow keys.
  • Up for jump.
  • Right Alt for Fart
  • Right CTRL for Fart Jetpack
  • Right shift for CropDust

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